Files to Download

A list of important files that are available for download.

Photo Release Form

Sometimes we share our pictures on social media and other platfroms. Please be sure to sign this consent form or let the office know, if you rather not have your picture shared for church purposes. 

Killam Wedding Brochure

This is a copy of our Wedding Brochure. Please contact us, if you are considering getting married in our church or have any questions. 

Daysland Wedding Brochure

This is our Wedding Brochure. Please conact us if you are interested in getting married in our Church or have any questions. 

Church Facility Rates

We have a selcetion of different size rooms available, kitchen access, basement workshop, small and large meeting rooms. Let us know your needs and we will find a solution. 

Daysland Pastoral Charge Annual Report 2021

Killam Knox United Church Annual Report 2021

DKR United Newsletter Summer 2022

Submit A File

Submit a form to DKR United, such as the Photo Release Form